English Readings: Podcasts

Various readings from works of English literature, and some microlectures on literary topics, are available on YouTube at EnglishReadings. Also available on iTunes: EnglishReadings.

Topics include:

Four Victorian Thinkers In Three Minutes (Smiles, Mill, Arnold and Spencer)

Peter Pan and the Mother Lode: a 3-minute lecture;

Three Men in a Boat: a three-minute lecture;

Dowson’s “Cynara”: a three-minute lecture;

An Air That Kills: Housman’s “Blue Remembered Hills” poem: a 3-minute lecture;

Dracula as The Jew: a microlecture;

Silas Marner: Absent Mothers and Bad Fathers: a microlecture;

“Of Studies”, a reading of Bacon’s essay;

Excerpt from Sir Thomas Browne’s Urn Burial;

Excerpt from Traherne’s Centuries of Meditation;

A reading of Edmund Blunden’s countryside sketch, ‘The Sigh’:

A microlecture on Pound’s ‘In a Station of the Metro’.