Lobster Prof v Flailing Feminist Journo

Apart from the content of the debate, this is a useful reminder to would-be journalists that relying on ideological cliches is no substitute for doing your own research into your interviewee (which Newman clearly had not) and applying some critical thinking to your own beliefs.

Postmodernism, patriarchy, Marxism, hierarchy and other matters

This talk by Professor Jordan Peterson of Toronto University is worth watching (it’s a long one so you may want to watch in instalments). In it he discusses numerous topics, including hierarchies, the patriarchy, Marxism, postmodernism, and so on. Which is to say he dismantles each of those concepts.

Peterson is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology as well as an author and very successful YouTuber. His approaches to contentious subjects such as sexuality and gender are based on scientific knowledge, not leftwing dogma. As he comments at one point about the current PC dismissal of science, “postmodernists don’t believe in biology but they all act like they do – because they all die.”

I strongly recommend this (and every other video featuring Peterson) to all students. It’s a necessary antidote to the political bias now embedded in humanities courses and promoted by the majority of lecturers these days.